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Drum Workshop

First to sixth class took part in a Drum Nature workshop on Wednesday, October 5th. The boys played and explored different rhythms with many different types of drums. Drumming is a great way to relax, to have fun and to connect with others. The aim of DRUM NATURE is to use rhythm-based events to bring people together and to create a positive outlet for creativity, energy and self-expression. Drumming is a very accessible activity and even a group of beginners can create an up-lifting rhythm in a matter of minutes.

A drum circle is what happens when any number of people get together to create rhythm. No previous experience is necessary and no preceived ability is required; the drum circle accommodates everyone.

Using drums and percussion the participants together create a unique in-the-moment rhythm consisting of everyone's individual contribution. A facilitator will assist this process but ultimately the music is made by the participants. Drum circles are about community, creativity and fun.

Click on the links below to see class videos and visit

3rd Class Drum Workshop Video 1

3rd Class Drum Workshop Video 2

4th Class Drum Workshop Video

6th Class Drum Workshop Video

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