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Monastery National School Multicultural Day - Thursday, 16/5/12

As part of Louth Schools' Intercultural and Antiracism Week Monastery NS, Ardee recently hosted a “Multicultural Day” in their school. The highlight event of the day was a multicultural exhibition in their Gym with pupils manning different stands for different countries. Each stand had samples of information about the country, samples of its food and music, national flag etc. Our parents and every class in the school visited the exhibition and it provided the boys with an understanding of the cultural diversity in Ireland today.

The flags of many countries were displayed high above the Gym floor and the parents of our children provided an amazing variety of food including Hungarian Goulash, Latvian dumplings, Nigerian rice dishes, Russian crisps, Malaysian savories, Chinese food etc. All of the classes thoroughly enjoyed sampling the many different foods from around the world.

The day was co-ordinated by 5 class teacher Ms Maxwell and ably assisted by Ms Taaffe and other staff members. Ms Maxwell’s fifth class manned all the international stands and provided information to all the exhibition visitors. One of our 5 class boys learned the music of the Lithuanian national anthem and played it on his saxophone!
Ms Taaffe organised a “We are the World” poster competition in each class and posters were displayed in the Gym and prizes were awarded.

Principal Jim Mc Gee thanked all of his staff, pupils and parents for making Multicultural Day such a great educational experience for the Monastery NS community.

Monastery National School would like to acknowledge the support and funding of Louth Leader Partnership which is an independent company established and supported by the Irish Government and the European Union.


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