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Tips for Developing Problem Solving with your child

Solving problems can be a real PROBLEM !! However if we look at a problem more in terms of a story with clues to help us find the answer then it becomes more of a CHALLENGE than a problem.

LUV2C is a strategy we can use to help us to remember how to solve a problem.

Monastery National School's numeracy plan focuses on the pupils using a common "
problem solving strategy" known as LUV2Cs (click here to see the poster). Each teacher is committed to teaching one problem solving lesson per week.

Tips for Helping your child with Problem Solving Homework

  • Do support your child through homework by listening and asking questions.
  • Allow your child to struggle through the process of problem-solving.
  • Discuss mistakes as learning opportunities.
  • Help your child by asking questions:

What do you need to find out?

Tell me what you know.

Show me what you started.

What can you try first?

Can you make a drawing or picture?

Will a list or table help?

  • Do encourage persistence. Some problems take time to solve. Taking a break often provides fresh enthusiasm and alternative strategies.
  • Do build on your child's strengths and what she already knows. Make links between maths and daily life.
  • Do explore your child's thinking process:

Why did you..?

What can you do next?

Do you see any patterns?

Does the answer make sense?

Tell me in a different way.

What would happen if..?

Our Numeracy Improvement Plan (N.I.P.) will also focus on daily tables and mental maths.

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