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Pádraig the Bear

Gallery > 2009-2010

Hello out there! My name is Pádraig and I'm a travelling bear. I love to travel to interesting destinations around the world. I depend on wonderful, willing travellers who take me along with them. I never cause them any trouble as I am a very well behaved bear.

My mission is to look at the world around me and share my amazing adventures with school-going children. I am their eyes on the world and it is a priviledge to be able to bring the excitement of my adventures and experiences into their lives.

Come with me as we navigate the world together - by air, land and sea. Come visit some famous landmarks and enjoy the differences that each culture presents. Learn about the physical geography of faraway lands and experience the breathtaking sights of truly magestic landscapes. Follow historical trails and be amazed by the traditions and cultures of many nations. Maybe some day you will visit some of these interesting destinations yourself and experience the joy and surprises that new lands will bring to you. Hold on tight as I take you on board with me , Pádraig the Travelling Bear.

Early in 2010 Mr Mc Gee invited me to visit Ms Henry's 1st class to find out about Monastery National School and the town of Ardee. If you want to see how Pádraig the Bear got on in 1st class, Monastery NS click here.

Pádraig the Travelling Bear

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