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Visit This excellent website has lots of interactive and age appropriate games. The website was developed as part of the National Strategy to Improve Literacy and Numeracy among Children and Young People by the Department of Education and Skills.

Online Safety
Please talk to your child about the need to balance online activities with other ways of learning and with exercise and creative play. Online activity needs to be monitored and now is a good time to have that chat with your child.

  • Agree some simple rules around devices, where and how long your child can be on devices, device-free mealtimes, games they can play etc.
  • Talk about the fun stuff as well as the potential bad stuff they may encounter online. Talk about the fact that people may not always be who they say they are online. Talk about being kind online.
  • Keep informed about the apps and games your children use and how to set privacy settings and parental controls. Check out, and to learn more.
  • Visit which has a hub of recommended educational apps, games and resources.
  • The most important thing is to let your children know they can come to you about online content that makes them uncomfortable or that they’re not sure about. If they think this may result in them losing their device this will lessen the chances of them coming to you….it’s best to talk over the problem calmly and to help your child learn how to prevent it happening again.

New Pupil School Gmail – Guidance for Families
Thank you for setting up and consenting to your child’s new school Gmail address. We want to communicate with our pupils and parents by email in a positive, supportive way. As this is a new way of communicating with pupils, we would like to offer some guidance for families:

1. We ask all families to supervise their child’s online learning work. Please monitor your child’s emails to teacher to ensure you are happy with the content.

2.When/If requested by teacher, pupils may email their work or projects to teacher for feedback.

3. Every Friday teachers will email new Home Learning Activities which will be the suggested work for the following week. Senior teachers will also email correction sheets to assist parents in the correction of your son's work. The following week's work will also be posted on our school website.

4. Teachers will endeavour to reply to pupils’ email correspondence in a timely manner.

5. Email correspondence between your child and his teacher is strictly confidential and should not be copied or re-distributed in any manner.

Thank you for you very good work to date supporting your child’s home learning activities.

Access to Publishers' School Books
Information for Parents: How to Register/Login for Online Schoolbooks
Most of the schoolbook publishers have opened access to their online books and activities so we recommend that you sign up to these if you can as we have included lots of resources from these websites in our work. We will try to send direct links to resources to make things easier for you but unfortunately sometimes the link may not work, and you may need to search for the resource manually on the website or copy the link into your browser. Please follow the steps below to access
schoolbooks online:

CJ Fallons
1. Go to
2. Select ‘
Student Resources’.
3. Use the filters to search for the resource required- Example: Select Primary/1st Class/Maths/Busy at Maths

1. Go to
2. Select
Register and then select Teacher.
3. Enter your personal details- name, email, password.
4. In the box that says ‘
Roll Number’ enter ‘Prim20’.
Once you find a resource you can save it as a favourite by clicking on the star in the corner. This will make it easier to find the next time you log in.

Veritas Grow in Love Religous Programme
1. Go to
2. Click on Login
3. Enter The following details:Email: Password: growinlove

1. Go to
2. Click on
3. Enter the following details:Username:
primaryedcobooks Password: edco2020

This will allow parents unlimited access to every single resource for every single curriculum subject from junior infants to sixth class. Setting this up is really easy to do - go to and enter the code
IRLTWINKLHELPS. You will be able to access PowerPoints, games, songs, rhymes, stories,worksheets and much more for every area of all subjects on the curriculum from junior infants to sixth class.

Information for parents: Your child's learning

The What, Why and How of Children's Learning in Primary School: Information for Parents


Helping your child in Junior and Senior Infants

Helping your child in 1st & 2nd class

Helping your child in 3rd & 4th class

Helping your child in 5th & 6th class

Resources for Parents

Here is a list of other useful links for Parents / Guardians.

Child Protection

Stay safe booklet in PDF format.

Safe Internet Use in the Home


Internet Safety Tips for Parents

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