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As part of National Tree Week in March 2011 our Green School's Committee began to plant in our designated Wildlife Garden. This Garden is part of our action plan and will be at the centre of our plans for Biodiversity in our school. It contains bird boxes and many species of flowers, plants and trees that will encourage insect, bird and animal life in this new school habitat.

In June 2011 our Wildlife Garden came into full bloom and contained native grasses, wild oats, buttercups and many other meadow flowers. The garden was also attracting many insects and animal visitors.

Click the play button on the right to see pictures of our Wildlife Garden in full bloom in June 2011. Also scroll down to see planting of trees in September 2011 below right.


Celebrating Our Friend The Tree

As part of National Tree Day, October 6, 2011 the environmental committee planted an oak tree near our flag poles at Monastery NS. Once widespread throughout Ireland, centuries of harvesting, with few trees being replaced, means that truly native oak can be hard to find, though there are small woods in most counties. Oak has been harvested for its fine timber for centuries and is much prized. It is commonly used in the making of furniture, for veneers and in the manufacture of casks.The male flowers of oak are borne on catkins, which come out just before the leaves, but the seeds - acorns - are far more obvious. Oak trees do not produce a good crop every year, so it is worth gathering plenty in a good year.

We also added to our Wildlife Garden by planting a Cotoneaster. Cotoneaster Cornubia, grows into a small tree or large shrub. The arching branches are clad with semi-evergreen foliage, and cream/white flowers are produced during summer. The resulting berries that follow - give a colourful display through autumn and into winter. If you are a wild life lover then this plant is for you, between the birds in the winter and bees in the summer in it really does give you year round interest in your garden.

See photos of our boys planting both trees on the right.


Woodland and Wildlife Garden

Our Environmental Committee continued their work on our Woodland and Wildlife Garden by building an insect motel from recycled materials. They also planted hundreds of daffodil bulbs. Our first nature trail, the "blue trail" has been established through the Woodland and Wildlife Garden.

Information boards have been made for visitors to identify trees, shrubs, insects, animals and birds on the blue nature trail.


Planting in March 2012

In March 2012 our boys planted over 50 trees to expand our Woodland and Wildlife Garden. The trees are all native Irish species and were donated by Louth County Council. The boys used harvested rainwater from our water butt mixed with our seaweed fertiliser
to keep the trees watered and fed in the dry weather. See also photographs of the beautiful daffodils we planted last year.


Herb Garden 2012

We are grateful to Pamela Whitaker for assisting us in the creation of a beautiful "Monastic Herb Garden". The boys weeded the beds and patio slabs and mapped the varieties planted. Pamela also helped our boys to create a willow plantation near our Millenium clock.


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