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Learning at Home Teacher Support



Email Address


Mr McGee

Junior Infants

Ms Ryan

Senior Infants

Mrs Sloan

Senior Infants

Ms Maguire

1st Class

Ms McCabe

2nd Class

Ms McCreanor

3rd Class

Mrs Kerr

3rd Class

Mrs Browne

4th Class

Ms Cusack

5th Class

Mr McCoy/Mrs Marks

Email both - and

6th Class

Mr McAdam

SEN Coordinator

Mrs McGrory


Mrs Higgins


Mrs Coleman


Ms O'Reilly


Ms McGuinness

Create a Gmail Account for your Son

Dear Parents / Guardians,

I hope you and your family are all keeping well and safe. We are of course concerned about your son's welfare and education into the future and we have been instructed by the Department of Education & Skills to seek ways to support our pupils' learning in the home. The staff of Monastery NS are working together to support you and your son as best we can. We also fully understand that many families will be unable to attend to their son's learning at home at the moment for many different reasons. Learning at home and interaction with your son's teachers is not mandatory.

However in order to improve our support of our pupils' learning at home we need to setup an email contact between your son and his teacher. This is a first step in supporting your son's learning at home. Infants to 2nd classes will need parent support with this form of communication. We hope that 3rd to 6th class pupils, with some initial help, will be able to work more independently. In the near future our support teachers (SETs) also want to support our special needs' pupils in the home.

If possible can I ask you to do the following as soon as you can.

  • Create a gmail account for your son on a device he can use. If unsure how to do this Google "Create a Gmail Account" or simply click here. Create your email with your child's name or initials, class and then E.g. or (JI is Junior Infants or SI is Senior Infants).

  • Please note any other type of email account such as Yahoo or Hotmail is not acceptable. This email account is specifically to support your son's learning and should not be used for any other purpose or communincations. All teacher correspondence with your son is strictly confidential and should not be copied, recorded or re-distributed in any way. Be sure to supervise his use of this email address.

  • Once the account is created please email your son's teacher to his/her email address as listed below. In the email write your own name, your son's name and the class teacher's name.

  • Your son's teacher will first of all acknowledge receipt of your email.

  • When all of the class emails have been collected by the teacher he/she will send out the first Learning Zone email to all class pupils. We will text you beforehand to give you a "heads up".

Please keep up the good work reminding children to wash hands properly and often and to sneeze/cough into the bend of their elbow / tissue. Also remind your son about social distancing and staying safe and healthy. Thank you for reading this message and I hope that our staff can support you and your son into the future.

We are all in this together.

An old Irish saying: Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine
(people live in each other's shadow).

Slán go fóill,

Jim McGee, Principal.

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